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When your group rents a cabin you may request the activities described below. There is no additional charge when you rent a cabin! These programs are generally offered Saturday mornings and afternoons.


Kayaks On Northwood Lake
Available until Oct 22
3hrs or more

The reservation kayaks are available and can be used within sight of the boat house. 

Big Canoes On Northwood Lake
Available until Oct 22
3hrs or more

Wah-Tut-Ca’s recently restored “Antique Chestnut Canoes” are available until October 15 for groups. There are 3 canoes and can hold 800 lbs each. Your group can canoe around Northwood Lake, or go on a trip to “Johnson’s Dairy Bar”.

The History of
The Wah-Tut-Ca  Reservation (2hrs)

This 2-mile hike through Wah-Tut-Ca shows the rich history of the camp from 1936 to the present day.  View rare photographs and historical sites


Native Americans in Northwood

Before European discovery and settlement southern New Hampshire was home to indigenous people known as the Central Abenaki or Pennacooks.  Active research theorizes that Northwood may have been an important location in their trade and customs.  A two-mile hike takes you to the Standing Stone and other potential native sites.

Swain Farm History
18th & 19th Century Wah-Tut-Ca

Before Wah-Tut-Ca was a youth camp it was the Swain Family Farm. This 2 mile guided hike takes you to historical sites and gives you a glimpse of life in Northwood during the 18th and the 19th Century.

Creative Expressions Studio

The Creative Expressions Arts studios are open until November 24. Often artists are on site working on projects.  Arts offered include: drawing, painting, illustration, beadwork, pottery, leatherwork, stamp art, origami. You can use the open studio or request a special group project or activity.


Discovery Science Center
Available until Nov 24
2hrs or more

The center has computers, microscopes, meters, game cameras and other equipment to identify nature on the reservation. Using equipment from the Discovery Science Center you can use underwater video cameras to view fish and mollusks. You can use our special nets to capture microscopic plankton that lives in the lake and examine it under a microscope.

Photography Safari 
3hrs or more

This program is led by accomplished nature photographers. It is a hands-on experience that  helps develop photography skills with emphasis on composition and natural lighting. Also include is macro-photography and nature photography. Participants can print their photos. The safari is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced photographers.  

Robinson Lookout
The Cliffs

Hike to a lookout point in the gulf area of camp that rises nearly 800 feet above the lake. The nature of this area is extremely rare in North America. It is known as a “talus forested slope” it provides unique habitats for animals and plant life. It’s a magnificent view.

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