Open Studio Format

Creative Expressions Art Studio provides an open learning format that creates unique opportunities for the serious young artist as well as a place for all our campers of all ages and experience levels to explore visual arts.


Choose Your Project

Painting & Drawing • Leatherwork • Basketry • Glass & Etching • Jewelry • Wood Objects• Small Furniture • Linoleum block printing • Silk Screening • Clay & Ceramics • Calligraphy • Fiber; Decorative & Wearable • Folk Art Hand Crafts • Mixed Media


Work At Your Own Speed

Our studies have a casual, relaxed manner in which each young artist can work at their own pace. We have plenty of materials available to each artist. Our staff members are creative, patient and experienced. They work closely with campers to inspire them to create challenging projects. Our faculty and staff patiently help campers design unique projects and develop skills.




Find Your Voice & Make Some Sound

A Rock and Popular Music program is an exciting area for novice as well as experienced guitarists, drummers, keyboard and bass players. Our individual-choice philosophy meets every young musician at his or her own level. We give space and time to refine their skills and explore new instruments and styles. They learn about new music from friends and share the music they love. Our campers are encouraged to write songs or song lyrics, and camper bands are constantly forming to arrange, refine, and record camper-written material.


Join Together With The Band

Campers work with staff-coached bands. They work daily on several songs with their primary bands but can form secondary bands with their friends. 

Campers in all sessions, and of all experience levels, can take individual lessons in our rock program. There are multiple opportunities to perform in weekly camper concerts and daily shows. Campers from all sessions are invited to be vocalists, keyboard players, and instrumentalists for our band night performances.


Recording Studio

The camp has a recording studio with multi-track recording capabilities. Campers have the opportunity to learn the use of multiple recording software programs and bands can create their own albums.




Photo Adventure Safaris

Capture Your Vision

The Photography workshop is a hands-on experience to develop the fundamental elements of composition. Campers learn about patterns, texture, symmetry/asymmetry, depth of field, lines, curves, frames, contrast, color, viewpoint etc. Every day there is a photo safari to capture a theme or technique. It begins with forming a vision then you pinpoint the message or emotion you’re trying to capture. The real challenge is achieving that vision – matching your final photo to the ideal image you have in mind.


Nature Photography

Aerial, Underwater, Game Photography

Being in the summertime woods of Southern New Hampshire provides excellent opportunities for Nature Photography. Close up macro photographic techniques are developed to capture natures finest details. The camp has aerial drones to capture views from the air. We also have underwater cameras to see what lives below the ponds and lakes. The camp also maintains several game cameras to photograph wildlife.


Portrait & Commercial Photography

Vocational Photography

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography. to capture the personality and emotion of people around them is a skill that defines a fine photographer. Our portrait and commercial photography programs are intended for both beginners and experienced people. Our artists will gain experience with posing, camera settings, and lighting.




Open Spotlight

During each two-week session the Theater and Stage workshop will put on one fully produced musical on the Creative Expressions Mainstage.  Campers will also hone their theatre skills daily through acting workshops, music rehearsals, and dance classes. Campers will also get the opportunity to direct their own scenes, and collaborate with other campers to self-produce skits, and small performances. This is the most collaborative of all the creative expressions programs.


Collaborative Production

The Theater and Stage Workshops also include student led productions. The group works together on writing, performing, and staging their own play. This collaborative program allows opportunity for leadership development and project management.


Backstage Pass

For those with an interest in working back stage there is a technical support group that designs sets and lighting effects and sound. This group also works with the Rock & Modern Music group to stage their concerts.