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2024 Summer Camp Registration is Now Open!



The Wah-Tut-Ca


The Wah-Tut-Ca Reservation is located on Northwood Lake in Northwood NH. The land has nearly a mile and a half of shore line and three hundred plus acres on Blake’s Hill. The reservation was purchased in 1936 by members of the Greater Lowell MA community. For over 80 years it operated as a Boy Scout Camp until 2019. The land and facilities are now under a multi-year lease by Lantern Light Camps Inc..  LLC is rebuilding the facilities and making them available for everyone.



Lantern Light Camps

Lantern Light Camps  was established to support outdoor educational and recreational programs for children, young adults and families. Lantern Light Camps is an independent non-profit 501c corporation. Lantern Light is rebuilding the reservation to create a safe and nurturing environment where kids of all ages can thrive in the great outdoors! Lantern Light is completely independent and unaffiliated with the BSA.

Programs For Groups

& Organizations

There are many youth organizations large and small that provide outstanding programs for children and young adults. Most of these programs do not have the resources to own and operate their own summer camp facilities. Lantern Light Camps provides outstanding and affordable ways for your program to run camp adventures.  The options included  extended week-long summer camp programs, as well as weekend and school vacation events. 


The reservation has facilities, programs,  and staff that your program can use as needed. We support your program. Contact us and we can discuss how you can make The Wah-Tut-Ca reservation your home for outdoor adventures.


Programs For Youth

& Families

Lantern Light Camps runs programs throughout the year for youth and families. In the fall and spring there are nature and aquatic programs that are available. Our summer resident camping program runs in July and August. Also, during the summer there are several special concentrated programs that support a wide range of interests. 


The facilities are available for Family reunions, anniversaries, weddings  and other special events.


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