Traditional Summer
Camp Programs

Making Memories for Life


Unstructured Play

Creative Expressions is much more than an Arts & Music Camp. The camp setting allows for a more than just the activities of the workshops and studios. During the school year, young people are used to the routine of making it to school on time, doing homework and then going to bed. Some may engage in extracurricular activities. Although still structured, summer camp is more relaxed than the school routine and provides time and freedom for spontaneous play. 

Free play is important to a child's development because they learn to develop creative thinking skills and explore their imagination through play. The Lantern Light Traditional Camp programs  creates a safe place for children to express their thoughts and emotions, creating stronger and happier kids. They also learn to interact with the world around them, resolve conflicts, build negotiating skills and relieve stress. There are countless benefits to unstructured play, and it's a fun way to make new friends.

Nature Inspired

There’s No Place Like Camp

With the advent of the computer, video games, and television children have more and more reasons to stay inside. The average American child now spends 44 hours a week with electronic media. There have been books and articles about the negative effects on  children and young adults who do not spend enough time outside.

Being outside has a positive effect on the health and well-being of people.  It is suggested that living with and experiencing nature has positive effects on increasing attention span and reducing stress. The environment of Lantern Light Camps inspires creativity, cognitive development, and their sense of wonder and connection to the earth.


Creative Expressions | Lantern Light Camps Program

Building Friendships & Confidence


Water Sports On Northwood Lake

Creative Expressions is located on the eastern shore of Northwood Lake in Northwood NH. A mile and a half of shore line provides Swimming, Kayaking, Boating and Canoeing daily. Our trained and certified water sports staff provides instruction and oversight.


Sharing The Experience

Lantern Light Camps are not camps you go to. They are camps that you become a part of. While celebrating individual creative talent all our studios and workshops have team collaborative projects. Our young artists build friendships that last lifetimes.


Super Saturdays Field Trips

On the weekend in the middle of each two-week session we hold our “Super Saturday” program. Each one is special with off-site trips to local festivals, museums and other great adventures.


Recreational Sports

Camp has facilities for sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, and softball. Our focus is on fun, fitness, and wholesome play.