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2021 COVID-19

Protection Protocol

Creative Expressions is committed to operating a summer camp experience full of energy, fun and learning while ensuring that the health and safety of all campers and staff is paramount. We will be following the soundest of health and safety Covid protocols as prescribed by guidance from the CDC, public health officials of the State of New Hampshire and the American Camping Association. Such protections and cautions will include requiring pre-camp testing and attestations of campers by parents within 10 days of arrival, contact tracing, on-site testing of all campers upon arrival, mid-session and as needed testing, social distancing and the creation of cohorts and the programmatic use of small groups, wearing of masks, reinforcing the practice of regular hand-washing and personal hygiene, enhanced ventilation of all indoor areas, such as cabins and the dining hall, daily temperature checks and daily and frequent cleaning of all common areas. Creative Expressions senior staff will each be specially trained in covid precautions protocols and supervised by an onsite registered nurse.


Sessions & Dates

Creative Expressions 2021 has three two-week Program Sessions. Campers can attend multiple sessions.
Session 1                                             Session 2                                 Session 3
July 4-17, 2021                                   July18-31                                August 1-15

Campers can sign up for multiple sessions.


Lantern Light Code Of Conduct

Living in an Artist Village

Living and working in a small camp community is both a unique opportunity and a challenge. Balancing individual needs and the needs of the wider camp community requires that everyone does their best to contribute. The following core principles help us be thoughtful and respectful in our interactions:


  • Do my best to positively contribute to our camp.

  • Accept personal responsibility for my words and actions.

  • Have fun and include others in that fun. 

  • Make new friends, have new adventures, and meet new challenges.


  • Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

  • Be honest and caring in interactions and communications with others.

  • Embrace learning and new activities.

  • Strive to follow all Lantern Light rules and policies.

Off Limits

  • Any form of hazing, bullying, or degrading of others

  • Behavior that is dangerous to yourself or others

  • False representation of yourself or others

  • Theft or destruction of personal or camp property

Striving to live up to these high standards helps maintain the pride in ourselves and our pride in participating in camp. We are open to all while ensuring that everyone who enters the gates at Lantern Light camps has a safe and rewarding experience. 




Meals are prepared by our food service staff and served in Carter Hall. We provide options with each meal in our effort to meet specific dietary needs and tastes. All our meals in 2021 will be prepared and served following CDC and NH State guidelines.



Cabin Life

Camper sleep in rustic cabins that sleep 8-12.  Campers are separated by age and gender. All cabins have electric lighting,  fans and bug screening.  bunks, cots and mattress are provided. Participants provide their own bedding. Bathrooms  & shower are nearby. Cabin use and assignments will meet all NH State Covid requirements .

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